Juniper Paper & Supply

Green Commitment

Central Oregon is a special place; full of natural beauty, clean fresh air and water. It is our home as well, so we want to help keep it this way by offering cleaning and sanitary paper products that minimize their impact on the environment.

We think that it is important to share our environmental awareness with our customers, giving them the tools and knowledge to create well-run facilities with maximum safety for their employees and patrons. Our goal is to make the cleaning process as safe as possible. Buildings can be cleaned in a healthier way with our selection of environmentally preferred products.

Every business needs to clean; it just makes sense to clean with safer options. We carry a number of cleaners that meet or exceed independent standards for green. Users can be sure that these products are effective while safe for the user and the environment. Even the most difficult cleaning task can be done with our green options.

We offer sanitary papers that are also Green Sealed Certified, insuring not only are they made from 100% recycled materials, but they are manufactured using environmentally safe & sound practices. Most of our other sanitary paper products are also made from recycled materials. Many are also designed to control usage which helps minimize waste & control costs.

We offer the latest in microfiber cleaning tools that reduce the amount of water and cleaning agents used during the cleaning process. We also carry cleaning equipment that use no cleaning chemicals at all, just water.